Yoga in Present Times

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In this information age where world is shrinking, borders are crumbling at the same time stress, restlessness etc are increasing. Question arises where yoga stands in this present times.  In modern world, sadly word yoga is associated with stretching body, that to stretching mostly hamstrings.  Most of the time Yoga is considered as fitness sessions & compared with physiotherapy or Pilates. It is very interesting that with so much information and knowledge around, modern world is finding it difficult to understand “what is yoga”.

Many years ago when western world came in contact with wisdom of yoga in India, there was feeling of confusion and amazement at the same time. When attempt of translating Rig Veda (pronounced as Rig Ved) was done by scholars, philologists & orientalists like Max Muller they dismissed it as babbles of poets.

More and more studies show how evolved the scriptures like Vedas & Puranas are. The astronomical knowledge, understanding that macrocosm is microcosm and vice-versa or oneness with everything, understanding on mathematics, even distance from earth to moon & earth to the Sun is mentioned.  Use of  Sanskrit, which is a  highly evolved language in itself proves the wisdom of the people who developed these scriptures.  These fountains of wisdom where yoga is born. Yoga is a state of mind where we are one with everything and everyone. It is also very true about yoga that unless  we experience it we do not understand it. It is like setting on the bank of a river & imagining how water will feel, what temperature will be and so on. Unless you jump into the river you don’t understand what it really feels like, what the real experience is.

Once we start working towards this oneness, we really start to understand ourselves, the true self. There are wonderful side-effects of this oneness or yoga, we start to let of unnecessary stress or tension, physically body starts moving towards optimal health, mentally the thought process starts changing towards positivity, we start to understand drama’s of mind & start to quieten down on all level. Of-course these dose not happens overnight.  We need lots of patience. It is said in the scriptures that after 1000 cycles of birth & death we get life of human being.  There must be some reason we have this human existence, yoga helps us understand this true meaning of human existence.

Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu 
May all beings be well happy & free from sufferings.



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