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Restorative Yoga & Yoganidra Teacher Training


Become a certified and confident Restorative Yoga teacher at your own schedule. Complete the course at your own pace. This premium online course includes:

Learn and understand the concept of Restorative Yoga

Learn restorative asanas in detail, including variations, benefits and corrections

Learn how to use props such as bolsters, blankets, chairs, block etc. to support all body types.

You will also learn Therapeutic Restorative Yoga applications

Learn how to create a specific sequence to de-stress classes for a busy life

Learn how to teach Restorative Yoga on-line/remotely with a home support system

Special Yoganidra & deep relaxation practices

How to renew and recharge your-self with the Restorative Yoga practice

Restorative yoga is the balance we need in our increasingly busy lives, to aid restoration and rejuvenation. It is a sequence of gentle and supported postures – often held for several minutes. In this deeply nourishing & restoring practice. Restorative yoga combined with YogaNidra is just an amazing experience.

For yoga teachers: Graduation certificate with 25 CPD points

For your own personal practice, you can do it as a ‘certificate of attendance’.

As a Graduate you will:

  • be able to plan a 1-hour restorative yoga class
  • set students up in restorative yoga poses and give benefits to specific ailments

Once enrolled you will receive an email with Zoom link.


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