Are you interested in Ayurveda? Are you a yoga teacher who wants to gain deeper wisdom of Ayurveda? Are you a Yoga therapist who would like to learn the principles of Ayurveda to support your client’s health and well-being? Are you interested in Ayurveda to enhance your well-being as well as your loved-ones wellbeing? Do you want to learn the skills that you can easily incorporate into yoga teaching and yoga therapy? Do you want to offer effective lifestyle options to your clients so they can reach to their optimal health?

Then this is a wonderful opportunity to learn the wisdom of Ayurveda from the comfort of your home.


COURSE OVERVIEW (printable workbooks are provided)
• Samkhya philosophy, the wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga & Ayurveda is based on this philosophy. When we learn this philosophy, it is easier to understand how the wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda can go hand in hand
• Gunas 3 qualities satva, rajas, tamas – how to apply this understanding in a practical manner to support yourself or your clients
• Panchmahabhutas or 5 elements
• Doshas or Ayurvedic constitution
• Agni or digestive fire
• 5 vayus, 5 pittas, 5 kaphs
• Dahtus or 7 substances of the body
• Shrotas, or channel system of the body according to Ayurveda
• Dinachaya, Ritucharya, Kala, stana – daily routine, routine according to season, time of the day & year, place
• Ayurvedic understanding of stages of the disease
• Yogic understanding of energy body and illness, how to use yoga practices effectively to remove blockages from the energy field.
• How to help the client to move from sympathetic more to parasympathetic mode.
• Tongue Diagnosis
• Pulse Diagnosis
• Ayurveda’s approach to food
• How to use common herbs and spices from your kitchen for better health
• Clinical sessions and treatment planning are suitable for yoga teachers and therapists.
• Earn CPD points

This 72-hourWhite Classy Elegant School Certificate course is conducted online with a combination of prerecorded and live zoom sessions spread over 6 weekends. All times are in AEST/AEDT or Sydney, Australia time.
Day 1 Sat 15th May 2021 9am – 5pm Pre-Recorded
Day 2 Sun 23th May 2021 9am – 5pm
Day 3 Sat 29th May 2021 9am – 5pm
Day 4 Sat 5th June 2021 9am – 5pm
Day 5 Sun 6th June 2021 9am – 5pm
Day 6 Sat 19th June 2021 9am – 5pm
Day 7 Sun 20th June 2021 9am – 5pm
Day 8 Sat 26th June 2021 9am – 5pm
Day 9 Sun 27th June 2021 9am – 5pm