Heart of Yoga – Love & Compassion

Through my experience with yoga I realised that love & compassion is our basic nature and it is at the centre of yoga. No matter where we are from, what our genetic makeup is, we are basically beings made out of & made for love and compassion. Sometimes due to childhood experiences and upbringing, in other words, sanskaras we move away from this basic principle of love and compassion. It is very easy to get lost in this feelings of unloved and non-compassion. And in this process it is also very easy to blame parents or someone or society for our conditioning. If we accept the fact that our parents did their best at their consciousness level at that time it becomes easier to understand the situations. It also becomes easier to let go the past and become still in present moment.

I think it is not right to blame anyone but ourselves for present situations. If we believe there are always choices available then there will be options open for us. Many times we get clear messages form our consciousness but if we are not still enough these messages are then lost in sanskara or conditioning of our mind.

If we believe that we deserve this compassion and love and also start sharing this with all beings around us then as rule of the divine, these feelings of love & compassion will come back to us in million folds. If a drop of water falls into still lake the ripples of waters go in all direction in million folds, just like this our thoughts create ripples on the energy field of universe. It is up to us which ripples we want to create.

If we believe that our basic nature is love and compassion we start looking at every being with love and compassion. False barriers start falling down. This love and compassion is for everyone and everything around us.

This truth also frees us from sanskara. It also helps us to stop the vicious cycle of repeating the patterns of sanskara. Undoing deeper groves of sanskara takes time and patience. We have to give ourselves chance to undo these patterns. Being kind to ourselves is the key. Love and compassion begins with ourselves. Understanding that we deserve the love & compassion and giving ourselves permission to be loved and not feeling guilty about it helps.

Through asana practice we can undo physical patterns and through meditation we can undo thinking or even deeper patterns of sanskara. All yogic practices direct us towards right path of compassion & love. How much you want to bring that in your life is up to you. You can just do one hour of asana session and leave it there or you can bring this principle of love and compassion in every aspects of your life.

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