Brand Philosophy


The purpose of life is joy. Sunita’s brand promotes application of ancient yoga wisdom to everyday life,
for greater freedom, happiness and fulfilment.
One of the key pillars of her brand, is her comprehensive knowledge of yoga, which includes its original language of Sanskrit and the many texts that comprise it. She has a sophisticated understanding of its physical, mental, and spiritual applications to modern day living.
The brand advocates personal empowerment. The focus isn’t on life’s externalities—people’s opinions, social expectations or material compensation. The heart of each human being has a calling to live life its own way. Something inside wants to be said, shared and expressed. Not in judgement. But in support. The greater wisdom we explore within, the more this can express freely.
By encouraging people to fall in love with the divine potential available in us all, we can focus on our creative potential, and support the creative potentials in others. Living this way, the brand believes that competition, war and worldly conflict can be evolved into collaboration and greater communion.
Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Sunita says, “A world that encourages people to be themselves, will be humanities’ greatest accomplishment.”

“True empowerment is when when we give ourselves permission to succeed. Yoga & Ayurveda practices help us gently let go of what is not serving us so we can live abundant, fulfilling life on all levels. ”


I promote personal power. Social and familial expectations are a mix of rules by which others live their lives, and expect you to live the same. But they aren’t made to be permanent, and individuals aren’t made to be subservient. Rules were invented to be adjusted to serve your journey called life. This doesn’t need to be done arrogantly. It can be done respectfully when we demonstrate a deep respect for our own sacred life.


All human beings are creators at heart. Creation is innate and wants to be expressed. The degree to which you can live autonomously, is the degree to which you can courageously and confidently sharing who you are—your gifts and dreams. Deep down, the wisdom of our hearts know what the best thing to do is. When we follow what it teaches us, life conspires to help us fulfil our calling our ‘Dharma’. This is the space that the ancient teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda lead us to. Joy as creators, and joy as spectators to our own creations. All we have to do is bring awareness inner stillness.

“According to wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda, every being is unique fingerprint of divine. What works for others may not work for us, when we do correct practices for our need, the results are mazing. Even simple practices can be very powerful when they are specially designed our needs”
“Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda brings that feeling of “oneness” between mind, body & the divine.”


Empowerment brings a greater union with self. Where there is oneness between your mind, body and the divine (Atma). From that space, we are all equal. The heart does not discriminate, and it lives in the lives of all. When we express the truth of our hearts, we are equally called to support the truth of other people’s hearts too. This translates to the way we interact with other living beings—bringing an awareness to the collective karma of our world families. Synergy rather than segregation.
The main path to unity, is ahimsa (Sanskrit for ‘respect for all living things’). That means living our individual authentic expression, in full respect of the different expressions other people have, and other aspects of life express. Rather than competing for what is right or wrong, who gains and who loses, together we add a new chapter in humanities’ narrative. One where stories do not need to compete for a space to be written, but where artists realize they are all adding dimension to the same story—and there are countless pages to be filled.